27 Novembre 2022

A 250 MP

code: A 250 MP - Da Assegnare
IRON FOX have been producing these systems for more than 25 years. The system´s aim is to effect the halogenations process ( chlorination) on rubber and TPR soles through micronebulization. The halogenating machine makes it possible to effect this process on every kind of sole. In case of soles with edge of particular design ,the double nozzle ( equipped with the machine) usage is advisable.

pairs per hour: 800 approx
Power: 0,55 kw
Voltage: 400 V - 50 Hz
Air consumpt: 4 LT/min
Dimensions: 75x128x148 H
Net weight: 195 kg

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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